• Natural and effective against incrusted limescale
  • The only anti-limescale on the market certified by SSIGE
  • An autonomous device without maintenance and without chemistry
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Technology with patented double vortex effect

Anti-limescale range


We use very high quality technologies in 3 layers of stainless steel 316L, with patented vortex.

Process: The water passes through our device undergoing disturbances that dissolve the encrusting limestone into aragonite powder. The action of the vortex effect neutralizes bacteria, reduces corrosion and scale and acts on the entire length of the pipes.

  • Permanent protection against incrusted limescale
  • Removal of existing limescale deposits
  • Anti-corrosion protection of installations

Vortex effect


Our solutions are autonomous, with no maintenance or water consumption, no hydraulic impact and a low pressure drop of 0.2 bar at the outlet.

The encrusting limestone deposits disintegrate into aragonite without the use of chemicals. Saves energy costs, optimizes and protects hot water yields and the vortex revitalize and restructure the water

Extension of the service life of the hydraulic systems and reduction of the chlorine smell by vortexing with oxygen-enriched water.

  • Can be combined with all filter systems
  • Permanent protection against incrusted limescale
  • Reduction lime deposits
  • Increases the service life of the system


Comparison for a private villaSalt water softener (3 year warranty)Vortex softener (10 year product warranty)
Water consumption≃50.- / year
Water regeneration cycle 1000 l./year
0.- / year
No water consumption
Electricity≃50.- / year
Electrical outlet for operation
0.- / year
No electricity consumption
Chemical products≃150.- / year
Consumption of industrial salt / brine
0.- / year
No chemicals
WelfareChemical modification of water potability0.- / year
No chemical modification of the water,
it is revitalized by the vortex effect
Interview≃150.- / year
Water regeneration cycle 1000 l. / year
0.- / year
No maintenance required,
no filter to change, free periodic follow-up
FacilityBi-pass creation with hoses, sewer evacuation,
electrical outlet for connection and place for the softener
Connects directly to the general
cold water supply, requires
very little space
TotalOn average, the acquisition price is ≃2,000.
– + 500.- spent / year(≃ 7,000.- over 10 years)
Amounts on average to 3’000.
– + 0.- annual fees

(Prices In $)



Natural treatment – Potability of water – Revitalized water – Prevents skin dryness


Sustainable protection of hydraulic installations – 10 year product warranty – Max pressure tested 18 bars


No water and electricity consumption – No maintenance – Simple installation


Exchange of traditional energy consuming systems – Respect for the environment – Elimination of chemicals


What are the expected effects?

  • Showering and bathing are more enjoying! The water is noticeably softer and has a refreshing and relaxing effect
  • The increased bioavailability helps the body to better cleanse itself (purification)
  • You need less cleaning substances, as revived water cleans better.
  • Fully bodied, aromatic breakfast coffee with an unexpected flavor.
  • An improved drinking water quality revives the metabolism in human subjects, animals and plants.
  • Avoidance of persistent calcification in devices and on walls
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