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The clogging of closed circuit networks (heating, air conditioning) is a recurrent problem in all types of installations. It is characterised by water that is highly charged with black or brown matter. This siltation is due in particular to the phenomena of corrosion of the networks. The siltation of the networks leads to numerous malfunctions such as Poor heat exchange, overheating problems, deteriorated energy yields, failure of control systems, etc.”


To protect your systems from sludge and oxidation, our vortex-based natural de-sludger is an effective solution for eliminating sludge and stopping corrosion and oxidation in your heating/air-conditioning system.

Our sludge remover operates on a simple but powerful principle: by creating a vortex in the water flow, it generates a centrifugal force that captures and eliminates sludge particles present in the system. This traps and removes sludge, preventing it from accumulating and protecting your heating equipment.

The benefits of our natural sludge remover are manifold :

  • Sludge removal : sludge, formed by the build-up of solid particles in your heating system, can lead to blockages, reduced energy efficiency and costly breakdowns. Our De-Sluger removes this sludge, ensuring optimum operation of your heating/cooling system and extending its life.
  • Protection against corrosion and oxidation : sludge particles in the water can also cause corrosion and oxidation problems, leading to component damage and premature deterioration of your heating/cooling system. By removing these particles, our de-sludger effectively protects your equipment against corrosion and oxidation.
  • Improved energy efficiency : By removing sludge and reducing corrosion problems, our de-sludger enables your heating/cooling system to operate more efficiently. As a result, you can benefit from improved energy efficiency, reduce your energy consumption and save money on your heating bills.
  • Easy installation : Our natural de-sludger is designed for quick and easy installation. It fits most existing heating/cooling systems, whether boilers, radiators or underfloor heating. You can quickly reap the benefits of our de-sludger without disrupting your existing heating/cooling system.
  • No hydraulic impact, low pressure drop of 0.25 bar at the outlet.
  • Significant reduction of ferrous materials by oxidation-reduction, with stabilization of PH and conductivity.
  • Autonomous, curative and preventive action to facilitate maintenance.
  • Neutralization of bacteria and corrosion.
  • Extended life of boilers, heat exchangers, boilers, and buffer tanks. As well as floor heating and cooling systems.


  • Disappearance of sludge
  • Neutralization of bacteria and corrosion
  • Significant reduction of ferrous materials by oxidation reduction, with stabilization of PH and conductivity.
  • Energy cost savings of 3 to 6%. Elimination of chemical products such as biocides, corrosion inhibitors, etc.
  • Significant reduction in maintenance and operating costs
  • Extended life boilers, heat exchangers, boilers, and buffer tanks as well as floor heating and cooling systems.
  • Autonomous, curative and preventive action.
  • Exemption from any glycol treatment concerns (DIS code of the environment art. R541-7)
Comparison for a private villaClassic de-siltingNatural de-sludger
Setting upConnection of the pressure device +
chemical injection (Usually lasts a few hours
when the heating is turned off)
Installation on the heating outlet,
no flushing or draining required.
The de-sludger is autonomous
Risks(The amount varies according to the age of the facility)
Pressure can cause leaks and punctures depending
on the condition of the installation (fragility of the network,
alteration of valves, boiler, pipes)
No risk to your installation
because the water only passes through
the system without the slightest
aggression of the hydraulic network
Chemical productsInsertion of chemical product to strip the sludge0.- / year
No chemicals required
MaintenanceThe heating engineer can suggest a
corrosion inhibitor or a film-former
to renew each year
No maintenance required, no filters to change
ResultVery effective at the time, but
does not treat corrosion problems.
Sludge will reappear
Very effective, proven results with
water samples. The water is continuously treated
as it passes through the system, the corrosion is
stopped. Total disappearance of sludge



Natural treatment – Potability of water – Revitalized water


Sustainable protection of hydraulic installations – Max pressure tested 18 bars


No water and electricity consumption – No maintenance – Simple installation


Exchange of traditional energy consuming systems – Respect for the environment – Elimination of chemicals


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