Why drink filtered tap water rather than bottled water?

When it comes to choosing our source of drinking water, it’s essential to consider the potential risks to our health and the environment. Here’s why opting for filtered tap water is a better alternative to plastic bottled water:

  • Elimination of contaminants: Tap water can contain heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and even drug residues. By using the right filtration system, you can effectively remove these harmful substances, ensuring purer, safer water to drink.
  • Reducing microplastics: Plastic bottled water has been associated with the presence of microplastics, tiny plastic particles that contaminate water and can be ingested by consumers. By choosing to filter your tap water, you considerably reduce your exposure to these microplastics, thereby preserving your health.
  • Plastic waste reduction: Bottled water generates huge quantities of plastic waste, which is a major problem for our environment. By choosing filtered tap water, you’re helping to reduce the production of plastic bottles and preserve our ecosystems.
  • Financial savings: Bottled water can be expensive in the long term, whereas tap water is an affordable resource.

However, not all filters on the market are capable of providing complete and lasting treatment to ensure the quality of your water…

Solution – filtration

What could be better than having your own spring water coming out of your tap?

Our filtration solution goes far beyond simply removing impurities from water. Our filters offer a dual capability: they filter out all impurities using a coconut-based activated carbon cartridge, and revitalize the water to restore its natural properties

1.Active carbon filtration

The coconut-based activated carbon cartridge acts as a powerful barrier against impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals (copper, aluminum, arsenic…), pesticides and chemical contaminants such as drug residues (e.g. paracetamol). It also eliminates bad tastes and odors, ensuring clean, pleasant drinking water.

2.Re-vitalization of water

But our approach goes even further. We believe that water should not only be purified, but also revitalized to restore its natural beneficial properties. Our filter incorporates a revitalization system that uses innovative technologies based on magnetic field and eddy current to restore the water’s balance and vitality. It recreates an environment similar to that which water encounters in nature, allowing it to regain its energy potential and optimal molecular structure.

By revitalizing water, our filtration system restores its natural properties, such as pH balance, essential minerals and hexagonal structure. This enables your body to better absorb water, benefit from its moisturizing properties and promote better health and vitality.

Benefits of filtration

  • Perfect combination of fine filtration and vitalization in one device
  • Large & Powerful capacity of absorption
  • Easy to install
  • A cutting-edge certificate technology that respects the environment
  • Economical : No need to spend on bottled water, which
    represents considerable savings over time.
  • Ecological : Considerable reduction in plastic waste by
    no longer buying bottled water. By doing so, you reduce
    your carbon footprint and play an active part in
    preserving the environment.
  • Healthy : Spring water contains all the nutrients the body needs.


Frequently asked question

Free Cholrine, Heavy metals, bacterias, drug residues,
pesticides, herbicides

It depends of your consumption but generally the
cartridge needs to be change every year to conserve
filtration properties

60 a 99,9% of absorption(depending of the water quality
and the matters to absorb )

It takes maximum 1 hours get install and connected to
your tap.

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