Mission – the wastewater treatment

In order to preserve our most precious resource, Mayi Treatment offers customised solutions that are perfectly adapted to our clients’ needs and projects.

We are committed to supporting all our clients in the following 4 stages:

  • In-depth study of the project in order to understand and advise on expectations.
  • Validation of the specifications established with the client.
  • Technical and logistical support in conjunction with the various parties involved (project managers, engineers, technical managers, etc.) in order to facilitate and simplify the implementation of the project.
  • Delivery of the equipment and installation of the solution at the client’s request.

Why treating & recycling water is crucial ?

In a world facing growing environmental challenges, wastewater treatment and recycling play an essential role in ensuring the preservation of our precious resource, water. Wastewater, whether from households, industry or other human activities, contains contaminants which, if discharged untreated, can have harmful impacts on the environment and public health.

The aim of wastewater treatment is to eliminate pollutants, bacterias and harmful substances, making water clean and safe for reuse or safe return to natural ecosystems. By treating wastewater, we help preserve water resources, protect aquatic biodiversity and minimize risks of contamination of drinking water sources.


At Mayi Treatment, we offer complete wastewater treatment and recycling solutions, designed specifically to meet the needs of industry and other business sectors. Our innovative solutions are integrated into modular containers, offering unrivalled flexibility and ease of installation.

For each treatment process of a wastewater treatment plant, there is a standard turnkey process call BOX, principally based on MBBR (biological treatment). As a matter of fact, like a lego, these boxes fit into each other to form a custom-made processing unit dedicated to each project. The number of different assemblies is almost unlimited and the solutions is perfectly customizable. Easy to use, the BOX package is light and resistant thanks to its 60 mm honeycomb polypropylene walls. Indeed, its dimensions are optimized for transportation and easy to install.

Benefits of the wastewater treatment

  • Modularity and flexibility : Our solutions are designed to adapt to your specific needs in terms of treatment capacity, required water quality and space constraints. Modular containers offer maximum flexibility, enabling tailor-made configuration according to the requirements of your site and industry.
  • Advanced technology with low maintenance : We use state-of-the-art technologies for wastewater treatment and recycling, guaranteeing efficient results that comply with environmental standards. Our solutions incorporate processes such as filtration, disinfection, biological degradation and other innovative methods tailored to your specific needs.
  • Quick and easy installation : Thanks to our container-based approach, our wastewater treatment solutions are rapidly deployable. Prefabricated containers are ready to install, reducing time and disruption to your site. What’s more, modularity makes it easy to expand or reduce capacity as your needs change.
  • Compliance and sustainability : Our wastewater treatment and recycling solutions are designed to ensure regulatory compliance and promote environmental sustainability. We help you to manage your wastewater efficiently, reduce the environmental impact of your operations and make the most of available water resources.


ACS-certified version: for use in drinking water networks
Filtration mesh: from 2 to 500 µm. Standard version 20 µm

Fields of action

Industrial and collective sanitation

It is totally possible to create customised and personalised models specifically adapted to each need and project.



  • Noble and 100% recyclable materials
  • High thickness levels, ensuring long package life
  • Low power consumption, compatible with decentralized power supply such as solar energy
  • Advanced treatment performance, with nitrification and denitrification
Complete the treatment with the REUSE
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