Our mission

At Mayi Treatment, we’re a team of enthusiasts united around a common vision: to offer ecological water treatment solutions to preserve our environment. Our project was born out of our many travels around the world, which have been a source of inspiration and motivation.

As we explored different regions, we witnessed the challenges associated with water: mismanagement, over-consumption, hydraulic damage, as well as the consequences of “our” pollution and plastic waste on local ecosystems. These experiences have nurtured our environmental awareness and stimulated our commitment to preserving this vital resource.

We decided to combine our knowledge, experience and passion to create a company that brings an innovative and environmentally-friendly approach to water treatment.
We work closely with our passionate and skilled professional partners in the fields of environmental engineering, research and development, and project management. Together, we offer innovative solutions and sustainable approaches to water treatment that respect the environment.

We are proud of our heritage of travel, which has inspired our commitment and continues to fuel our passion for environmental protection.

Join us in our mission to promote a sustainable future, where water is treated ecologically and water resources are preserved for future generations.

Fields of activities

Hydraulic damage to infrastructure (corrosion, lime scale, sludge)
Wastewater treatment and reuse
Water pollution


  • Customized solutions for every project. Our priority is to understand
    our customers’ issues, study them in depth and respond in the best possible way.
  • Ongoing support for every project, from conception to completion. – Innovative, sustainable solutions with a high degree of operating
    autonomy, enabling considerable reductions in CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.
  • Real expertise, adaptability and responsiveness.